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Petition for the Parliament of Georgia to Adopt
Law Against Putinism

          Vladimir Putin's regime​ launched an unprovoked military attack against Georgia in 2008. As a result, large portions of sovereign Georgian territory are currently occupied by Russia. Moscow continues to slowly expand its occupation of Georgian territory through its process of "borderization".

          The Putin regime's brutal unprovoked war on Ukraine - Georgia's close ally - on February 24, 2022 represents a sharp and radical escalation of Russia's consistent policy of aggression against its neighbors. Not only does Russia's aggresive expansionism led by Vladimir Putin pose an imminent danger to the life and safety of the people of Georgia, it poses a grave threat to Georgian statehood.

          This requires immediate action!

          The proposed Law Against Putinism aims to protect Georgian society from the Putin regime by targeting its malign propaganda channels and precluding the agents of Russian influence from carrying out their destructive plans in Georgia.

Core Objectives of the Proposed Law

1. Ban on organizations financed by the Putin regime or clearly serving the objectives of this regime

2. Ban on all Russian propaganda TV channels

3. Visa-based entry for Russian citizens so that only those who demonstrably condemn the Putin regime and its actions (along with their family members) are allowed in

4. Special standardized labeling for Russian products

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